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Each workshop is taught by an instructor who has demonstrated strong teaching skills and a finished product to provide you with a great learning experience.  Each workshop is well-planned and materials and equipment are provided for each participant. All workshops are for participants 16 and older, unless otherwise noted. We look forward to having you at CRAFT + LIGHT!

Creative Workshops

Creative expression is vital to a child’s development. Engaging with the arts fosters fine motor skills, critical thinking and communication. At Craft and Light, our children’s workshops and craft boxes are designed to cultivate these skills and to give your child the access to the artist that lies within each of us. The results are empowering; children are able to witness the manifestation of their artistic creations as bringing beauty and meaning to the world. They are able to think deeply about the ways in which they interpret the world and to represent this meaning in their work.Creating art helps children feel understood and to know that their view of the world has value.

Our summer-long kids camp offers children from kindergarten through fifth grade the opportunity to explore their creativity through close instruction on artistic techniques, taught by experienced professionals. If your child is passionate about art, they will appreciate this chance to hone their craft in a fun, engaging setting. At camp, your child will learn about the artistics traditions of renowned artists throughout history and learn to adapt the styles of different periods to develop a style that is uniquely their own.

In addition to camp, Craft and Light also offers workshops for children preschool age and up. During our open studio hours, your child can come in and create a painting, macrame, or a jewelry project of their choosing. Birthday parties at Craft and Light will be remembered forever as each child brings home with them a unique work of art they can cherish forever. You can also create your studio-at-home with our subscription boxes, which provide your child with all the supplies they need to create their masterpieces at home. Put away the coloring books and set free your child’s creative genius at Craft and Light.


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