Open Studio



1:30 - 4:30PM


a/o November 2020

UPDATE: Drop-In and Craft! is no longer an option during this pandemic time. However, the studio is still open for you to create- BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.   Drop-in to the studio and do a craft at your own pace and on your own. You'll receive directions and then you are off to enjoy the time creating.

All tools necessary to complete craft are provided. 

COVID protocols in place to ensure safety and comfort.

Please reference our COVID Health and Safety page to learn more.  Face coverings are required in the studio.





(Ages 14+) 

Bead Jewelry Design: Necklace or Bracelet  $20

Choose from seed or glass beads.  Make two bracelets or one necklace using wire string, crimp beads, jump rings and clasp.

Approx. Time : 75 minutes

Tassel Wall Hanger  $25

Choose up to four colors of yarn to design wall hanger (24 in wide.)

Approx. Time: 60 minutes

Macrame Flower Pot Hanger $18
Create two plant hangers using 4mm cream color cotton rope and beads.

Approx. 60 minutes

Adult Coloring  $10

Choose one coloring page from a wide variety of coloring templates, grab markers, relax and color.  Take home the markers!

Approx. time: 60 minutes

Freestyle Canvas Painting  $15-25

Paint what inspires you! Choose your canvas size (8x10, 11x14, 16x20) and create your work of art. Provided with five acrylic paints and easel (table or standing).

Approx. Time: 60-75 minutes

Watercolor: Coloring Page  $20

Choose a watercolor page from our selection and paint using watercolor palette.

Approx. Time : 60 minutes

Marble Painting  $20.00

Mix acrylic paints on canvas and tilt using the "clean or dirty pour" technique.

Approx time: 65 minutes

Alcohol Inks: Coasters or Page  $18

Choice of up to five colors to design either three coasters or one 9x12 page.

Approx. Time : 45 minutes

Mini Wood Plaques $20

Choose from our selection of vinyl stencils and design two wood plaques using acrylic paint.

Approx. Time : 60 minutes

Dog Paw Acrylic Painting $20

Paint a paw on 11x14 canvas  and your choice of  four acrylic colors.

Approx. Time : 60 minutes

Dog Snack Jar $15

Choose from our selection of vinyl stencils to apply to quart size mason jar.  Choose up to four colors.

Approx. Time : 60 minutes






(Ages 6-13)

Marble Painting  $15 

Clean or dirty pour method.  8x10 canvas and four acrylic paints.

Approx time: 60 minutes

Baby Yoda Painting $25

Paint a 9x12 canvas of baby yoda using acrylic paint .

Approx. Time : 60 minutes

Metal Lighthouses Design $20

Paint one metal lighthouse using choice of four colors. Lighthouses come with fairy lights that light the inside.  

Approx. Time : 60 minutes

Jewelry Design:  Bracelets  $15

Choose glass beads and/or letters  to design two bracelets using stretch wire or ribbon.

Approx. Time : 60 minutes  

Friendship Bracelets $10

Choose four colors of yarn to make two chevron style bracelets. 

Approx. Time: 60 minutes

Alcohol Ink Coasters  $15

Make two coasters using five colors of alcohol inks.

Approx. time: 30 minutes



Macrame Wall Hanger $15

Choose up to four colors of yarn and 10 beads to create a wall hanger

2ftx1ft (length x width)

Approx. Time: 60 minutes