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Each workshop is taught by an instructor who has demonstrated strong teaching skills and a finished product to provide you with a great learning experience.  Each workshop is well-planned and materials and equipment are provided for each participant. All workshops are for participants 16 and older, unless otherwise noted. We look forward to having you at CRAFT + LIGHT!

5 Reasons Why Art Activities Make Great Team-Building Corporate Events

If you’re looking for a great team building outing, look no further. Arts and crafts aren’t only for kids; adults climbing the corporate ladder might benefit in an art outing more than you may think! Use art to help a department learn about teamwork, partnership, assistance, and unity all while creating a unique craft. Removing coworkers from their everyday work environment could spark a connection, creativity, and freshen up their outlook on how they contribute to their coworkers. Art activities can make excellent team building corporate events for several reasons:

Encourages collaboration:

Art activities require teamwork, communication, and collaboration to complete successfully. Employees must work together and share ideas to achieve a common goal, which fosters a sense of unity and teamwork.

Boosts creativity:

Art activities encourage participants to think outside the box and tap into their creativity, which can lead to innovative solutions and ideas.

Reduces stress:

Art activities provide a relaxing and stress-free environment, which can help employees decompress and build positive relationships with their colleagues.

Improves communication:

Art activities require effective communication, active listening, and constructive feedback to ensure everyone is on the same page. These skills are transferable to the workplace and can improve communication among colleagues.

Builds trust:

Art activities create a safe and supportive environment where employees can take risks and express themselves freely, which can build trust and strengthen relationships among team members.

Regardless of age or kind of group, art activities can help improve group dynamics, creativity, communication, and collaboration, making them an excellent choice for any team-building event. Corporate teams are no different. Team Building art workshops are a great way for your team to connect and have fun with each other out of a work setting.

Craft + Light Creative Art Studio can host your next corporate team-building outing. Whether it is for a big corporate company department or small business staff, Craft + Light is happy to provide you with a fun and creative experience that everyone will enjoy and learn. Several creative crafts projects are offered and each private party is thoughtfully curated and coordinated to meet your goals for a creative experience. Based out of Long Beach California, we provide in-studio workshops at our location. In addition, we also service on-site workshops, where we travel to your Los Angeles or Orange County office location. However; distance is not an issue with our virtual workshop options. We are capable of conducting team-building workshop classes digitally. For more information about our work outing art events, call us at (562) 588-9407 or visit our website


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