TUESDAYS AND Fridays 1:30-4:30PM 

(last craft starts at 4:00PM) 

a/o AUGUST 2020 

Drop-In and Craft!  Drop-in to the studio and do a craft at your own pace and on your own. You'll receive directions and then you are off to enjoy the time creating.


  • All tools necessary to complete craft are provided. 

  • COVID protocols in place to ensure safety and comfort. Please reference our COVID Health and Safety page to learn more. 

  •  No reservation required, however you are welcome to call and reserve seats: 562-588-9407 You may also give us a call should you want to learn of open seats. 

  • Seating is inside and outside.Total seating is for eight adults and/or kids.



(Ages 14+) 

Bead Jewelry Design: Necklace or Bracelet  $20

Choose from seed or glass beads.  Make two bracelets or one necklace using wire string, crimp beads, jump rings and clasp.

Approx. Time : 75 minutes

Tassel Wall Hanger  $25

Choose up to four colors of yarn to design wall hanger (24 in wide.)

Approx. Time: 60 minutes

Macrame Flower Pot Hanger $18
Create two plant hangers using 4mm cream color cotton rope and beads.

Approx. 60 minutes

Adult Coloring  $10

Choose one coloring page from a wide variety of coloring templates, grab markers, relax and color.  Take home the markers!

Approx. time: 60 minutes

Freestyle Canvas Painting  $15-25

Paint what inspires you! Choose your canvas size (8x10, 11x14, 16x20) and create your work of art. Provided with five acrylic paints and easel (table or standing).

Approx. Time: 60-75 minutes

Watercolor: Coloring Page  $20

Choose a watercolor page from our selection and paint using watercolor palette.

Approx. Time : 60 minutes

Marble Painting  $20.00

Mix acrylic paints on canvas and tilt using the "clean or dirty pour" technique.

Approx time: 65 minutes

Alcohol Inks: Coasters or Page  $18

Choice of up to five colors to design either three coasters or one 9x12 page.

Approx. Time : 45 minutes

Mini Wood Plaques $20

Choose from our selection of vinyl stencils and design two wood plaques using acrylic paint.

Approx. Time : 60 minutes

Dog Paw Acrylic Painting $20

Paint a paw on 11x14 canvas  and your choice of  four acrylic colors.

Approx. Time : 60 minutes

Dog Snack Jar $15

Choose from our selection of vinyl stencils to apply to quart size mason jar.  Choose up to four colors.

Approx. Time : 60 minutes


Kids (Ages 6-13)

Marble Painting  $15 

Clean or dirty pour method.  8x10 canvas and four acrylic paints.

Approx time: 60 minutes

Birds on a Wire Painting $20

Paint silhouette of birds on a wire using four colors of acrylic paint and a 8x10 canvas.

Approx. Time : 60 minutes

Metal Lighthouses Design $20

Paint one metal lighthouse using choice of four colors. Lighthouses come with fairy lights that light the inside.  

Approx. Time : 60 minutes

Jewelry Design:  Bracelets  $15

Choose glass beads and/or letters  to design two bracelets using stretch wire or ribbon.

Approx. Time : 60 minutes  

Friendship Bracelets $10

Choose four colors of yarn to make two chevron style bracelets. 

Approx. Time: 60 minutes

Alcohol Ink Coasters  $15

Make two coasters using five colors of alcohol inks.

Approx. time: 30 minutes



Macrame Wall Hanger $15

Choose up to four colors of yarn and 10 beads to create a wall hanger

2ftx1ft (length x width)

Approx. Time: 60 minutes 

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