drop-in STUDIO 

Fridays 1:00-5:00PM 

2nd Saturdays  12:30-3:30PM

a/o January 2, 2020

Drop-In and Craft! Now you can drop-in to the studio and do a craft at your own pace and on your own. Swing by during your lunch break or with the little ones for unscheduled afternoon fun. You'll receive directions and then your set to enjoy the time creating. 

Seating is for 12 adults and/or kids. No reservation required, but you are welcome to call should you want to let us know you are on your way: 562-588-9407.



Marble Painting  $25.00

Mix acrylic paints on canvas and tilt using the marble technique. Approx time: 75 minutes

Bead Bracelets  $14.00

Choose from our wide variety of glass beads and create three bead bracelets to stack and wear, or give as gifts.

Arm Knit Scarf   $25.00

Learn to arm knit and create a basic scarf using your arms and our light yarn. Approx. time: 75 minutes 

Custom Body Scrub    $10.00

Design body scrubs l at our DIY Body Blend Bar.  Choose from jojoba, almond, olive oils and add your choice of essential oils to create a custom scrubs . Includes one 5 oz scrub.  Approx. time: 20 minutes

Adult Coloring    $15.00

Choose from several of our coloring templates, grab our markers, relax and color. Approx. time: 60 minutes

Freestyle Painting  $20.00

Feeling artsy? Paint what inspires you! You'll receive a blank canvas or sheet and choice of acrylic or watercolors to create your art.  Approx. time: 75 minutes

Kids Ages 4-13 Year Olds 

Weaving with Loom $15.00

Learn to weave using a loom and create a mini colorful piece of tapestry! Keep the loom too!  Approx time: 60 minutes

Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Name  $15.00

Enjoy fiber art and create a colorful name plate using our yarn, ribbon and letters made of cardboard. Approx time: 60 minutes

Painted Wooden Bracelets   $15.00

Design two bracelets using acrylic paints and bracelets made of wood. Approx time: 60 minutes

Bead Bracelets  $11.00

Choose from our wide variety of glass beads and create three bead bracelets to stack and wear, or give as gifts.

Geometric Acrylic Painting   $14.00

Practice shapes: Triangles, rectangles, an array of angles. This geometric design is created using lines, tape on canvas.  Approx. time: 60 minutes 

Dot Painting   $14.00

Dot your art! Create a painting filled with dots, unique and creative. Using acrylic paint and a plate :) Approx. time: 60 minutes

Kids Ages 2-3: Toddler/Preschool Crafts

(Parent and Toddler Craft Together) 

Watercolor Name Cloths  $14.00

A great introduction to art! Kids will practice the letters of their name while discovering watercolor paints a a 12x12 piece of fabric. Approx. time: 60 minutes

Felt Art   $14.00

Create a variety of images: sunflowers, ladybugs, caterpillars, using felt squares. 

Play Dough! $15.00

Make your own play dough in the studio! You'll be provided with the recipe and ingredients to design your play dough and have fun! Approx. time: 40 minutes 

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