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Arts and Craftsy! Every month receive three crafts. Three crafts that will keep them busy being creative and learning!  Crafts range from a fiber arts, painting and abstract art.  Crafts change every month and a carefully packed craft box is prepared with all materials and detailed written instructions for kids to create the crafts at their own time and own pace! More than enough material is provided to practice and create.   Add this fun box to your at home engagement strategy. Turn it into family time, independent work time, or include it in your play date! This craft box is guaranteed to be a hit.  Subscriptions are auto-renewal with the opportunity to opt-out anytime. 

Six Months of Arts and Craftsy Boxes!

  • Six months of boxes are shipped to your home every month.  The cost of shipping for each month ($12.00) is included in this price.   Cost of Six months of Boxes:  $300.00 ($50.00/each)  Shipping  $72.00

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