Craft the M's: Marble, Macrame and Mosaics with this fun and full craft box! Box includes three crafts: Marble painting, Macrame Wall Hanger and Mosaic Small Mirror display.  Kids will learn how to paint a piece of art pouring acrylic paints onto canvas, and learn macrame knots to create a wall hanger. They'll learn the art of mosaics and apply glass pieces to a wood panel to create a wall display.  Each craft takes approximately 60 minutes. Perfect to add into your at home teaching program or an activity to do during downtime. Keep them engaged and creative with this fun craft box!  Small bonus craft: keychain kit, is also included.  

CRAFT TIME! Letter M Crafts!

  • Most colors are available and boxes will be filled with colors seen. However, some colors of yarn may alter slightly due to availability of supplies. 

    • Due to the current pandemic, returns are excepted for kits that have not been opened or used. 
    • Shipping is non refundable and buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. 
    • There are no craft substitutions to the craft box. 

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