Craft + Light is a creative arts venue that gathers others to create

something and feel good. We all can create. Let's do it together. 


About our workshops: Our workshops are conducted in a small group setting to foster community around our sweet work table that seats 12ppl.

We love Pinterest and Martha Stewart (post jail :) All of our workshops are taught by avid crafters, makers, and artists who love to teach and share ideas with others. 

The studio welcomes kids and adults, young and older, male and female, novice and experts!!

Craft + Light is located at

   5614 E. 2nd Street Long Beach, CA. 90803

(cross streets: 2nd/Ravenna) 

Studio Hours: 

Closed Mondays

Tuesday-Friday 11:00-6PM

(extended hours for workshops only)

Saturday 10AM-3PM

Come to the studio and let's craft together.  


March InstruCtors

Anne Kupillas, Watercolor Artist "Basics to Watercoloring" 

Basics to Watercolor Series

February 29th, March 4th, March 28th and April 4th 

Anne Kupillas who has graced us with her "Pet Portrait" workshops starts her four workshop series,  Anne, born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, works primarily in watercolor, pen and ink. Anne’s love of art began as a child growing up with a family of artists and musicians on Long Island, NY, who encouraged her creativity. Her artwork is informed by freedom and movement, a love of nature and the human form.

Olivia Lin, Calligraphy and Brushlettering 

Basics to Brushlettering Workshop w/ Olivia Lin 

SaturdayMarch 28, 2020.

Olivia started teaching modern brush lettering workshops in Southern California! She is excited to share her love of this art with others and help them begin their journey and grow as letterers. Each seat at every workshop helps to provide nutritious meals for little ones at The Ebongalethu Educare Center Preschool & Nursery in Motherwell, South Africa.


Shelley Williams, Instructor and Owner 


For twenty years, I taught students, trained teachers and leadership teams in systemic change, led school district initiatives and managed teams for success. Throughout all of these roles, I enjoyed soaping, scrapbooking, painting, stationary and a variety of other crafts to disengage and relax. 


I began to incorporate paint workshops during the lunch breaks of my trainings and conferences. Teachers would spend their time with me and paint the flowers I'd guide them through and I began to get think. "I would love to do this always." So I pursued my desire to teach and create with crafts and bridge the two.  I was encouraged by the words of Christ, " If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes." (Mark 9:23). Took me a little over a year to get this big move together, but in August 2019,  CRAFT + LIGHT opened  on 2nd Street in Naples Long Beach, CA. and I have not been happier. 

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